Repetition diarised,
I succeed.

A waking nightmare,
Gein skein,
On, off, on, off.

Dragged by guilt,
Seduce me from my shroud,
Mouths agape,
Embalm my beauty.
The dentist fixed my Joker smile.

Decades endured,
I cheated the gloomy scythe.
Trinity trash bash,
Burn the past.

Puppet theatre,
The audience jostle,
Burlesque bandages,
Hands & feet hold
My sack of skin.

I am not the same.
Accident X,
Lady II jumped
Into the Orchestra pit,
Wrapped in a cello,
Buried in infinite deep,
Bigger than a nutshell,
Smaller than a boiled egg.

Sealed off from voices,
Is a feast.

Dying lying art,
No rehearsals
Or hearses
Are required.

Pain, punishment, purgatory,
Fabulous flagellation,
Social mores morph
& cheapen my performance,
The stage is a corpse.

Human yo-yo,
The sinews are taut.

Pay for my shame,
Pay to be cursed,
Pay to lick my wounds.

Collect & assemble me,
Parade me
Then wrap me in cotton wool.

Fiery devil in a chef’s hat,
Ashy sepulchre,
Silent screams echo,
Caked with hope,
Bedding king,
A bold killing.

Saviour, foe, sir,
Wary & scary,
Rustling manifestation,
Bloody serpent hiss,
Men fatal kissed.


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