Judgement Day

Sloped exiled,
Eyes, highs, lies,
Who fucking asked you?

Mechanical puff,
Halo bluff,
Leather & iron,
Clanging knells,
Death-horizon tinged,
Distant Elysian fields,
My soul sighs,
A rebate of my faith,
Paradise is a black sack.

Perfection is monochrome dream,
Sexual & sexless.

Arboreal matchsticks,
Wooden rife,
Wooden strife,
Wooden wife.

Lunar promiscuity,
Scheduled, augured,

Tsunami of hate,
Tsunami of loss,
Spare no one,
Not even a pebble.
Gods sink,
Throats silted up,
Crabs steal their eyes
& fling them to the skies.

Europe is a morgue,
Hack, stack, rack,
Plastic smiles,
Plastic desire.

The streets are hushed,
Polite applause,
Clink, clink of cutlery
& handcuffs.

Windows drink it all in,
Irreversible mirrors.

It is snowing.


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