Central Park

The bust pokes its tongue out,
It has no time for formalities.
The well-dressed rabbit flees from the alien
Who is fleeing form the witches.
Where is Wonderland?
The wooden puppet stands before the vortex,
Or is it a monster’s mouth?
The suave lady listens to the anorexic chicken,
A vulture swoops,
It is hungry.
Ghoulish Death laughs,
His crony shrugs.
A helmed skull watches,
The demon is not frightening,
He is very polite.
The serpent grins,
Copulations ensue,
The flower wilts.
A rabbit stares helplessly,
It is about to die.
A rocket lifts off,
G-force crushes.
An elongated woman sings overtures,
The madman giggles.
Eyes on serpentine stalks.
The artist woos,
Perhaps in French.
Sophisticated literary type talking:
Rimbaud, Baudelaire, Voltaire
(He refuses to read foreign literature);
His beret is sophisticated,
As is his groomed beard,
As his pluming cigarette smoke;
It is hard to determine,
Is the woman bored or stupid?
Triangular glasses
Cracked eggs.
The nude makes eye contact,
Bindings flap emptily.
The lonely prostitute weeps,
Lips flex for a kiss,
Lost souls cry from within.
The serpent grins again,
Its fangs are sharper now.
Octopodes flurry clumsily;
The television is distorted.
The phallic creature laughs in triumph,
The victim’s eye is unblinking.
Figures alternate,
Positions & accomplices.
The industrious clean away remains,
The Hessian monster turns to the witch:
What is happening?
Entrails explode from a hole,
The man carries an illusion,
It hides his shame,
The painting will not fall,
A skeletal arm prevents.
A tentacle with 4 vulvar mouths,
Rising up to peel the skin off a man;
And what of the illusion?
The eyes are closed,
Do they belong to the alien?
Mentally/physically defective,
Nevertheless the killer is happy,
Cardinals bow down before him.
Eyes stare from a window,
Fierce and questioning,
The mirror reflects a woman,
Her bare back fascinates.
The bird caws angrily,
The ghosts pay no attention.
Two eyes peer from behind tight bandages,
A discreet statue holds a copulating couple,
The bird laughs.
Snakes twine again,
Blood trickles from an egg.
The fish holds up its hands
(where did it get them from?),
Fatal feral female,
The fish bleeds.
An angular visage scrutinizes,
Teeth snap and snarl,
A woman is about to open a door;
The insect-female pleads,
The creature says nothing,
It just holds her hand.
A jellyfish floats,
Weird beasts prance,
Crows peck,
Snakes congregate.
A vortex unfurls,
Flickering static,
Ghostly fangs reveal a smile,
Should I wait?
I go inside.
A disemboweled lion watches,
A jester wears a hat of blood;
I wonder what he deems to be funny?
A woman is drinking blood,
A painted pennant,
Tears and laughter,
My features mutate and explode.


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