Prodigal Son

Fragile prodigal destiny, lazy threads of binding cobweb, a matrix of tightropes over the void. Tribal gathering, vulgar beasts, sinewed aggression, raw cannibalism. Words hide in books, emboldened cowards feed my soul with hypocrisy. Gluttonous exodus of razor tongues, babel roses opiate in drowned insouciance, weighted with plunging sacrifices. Shade-eater! Vestigial nobility stalks my dreams.
Flames of contrition cleanse the politic, liberate the ignorant with a bloodied sword, show them beauty. Cast into the abyss, incubus unchained…creeping…grasping…a teardrop falls from the cobweb, embalming innocence whilst undulating tumuli entomb the archaic pagan feasted deities. Tenebrous arboreal guardians, whispers on the breeze, flagellate the unbelievers! Horrors lurk in silence, fanged chimaera, bathed in blood.
A wasteland, concrete & asphalt, empty edifice & hollow dreams, tears are manna. Mechanical assassin, bladed killer, intent pursuit. Ascension? A Sibylline vampyr is enshrouded in cerise…evisceration is rebirth, wash my soul in ignominy!
My reflection is confused, cast away the Cross, rusty nails are unworthy of my flesh, avenging angel of the abyss, swooping, ensanguined wings. Destiny is malleable…strangled ambition…I am the future.


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