Before her life changed, she dreaded going to weddings. Everyone looking, staring, gossiping, judging. She wouldn’t eat for several days afterwards, convinced she was too fat, too ugly.

She wasn’t even invited to this wedding. No one knew her. Both sides of the families assumed it was some wacko cousin that had randomly turned up. Who else would come to a formal occasion looking like Pris from ‘Bladerunner’?

Free food and booze, it was fantastic.

No one had the balls to turf her out.

The braver souls attempted to socialise with her.

“How do you know the bride and groom?”


“It must have been an amicable split then?”

“Ex-lover to both of them.”


She could chop off any conversation to avoid the one question that would unhinge her…

“What’s your name?”

She can hear the screams in her mind.

Sometimes the screams are hers





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