Your face lousy with lies,

The twinkling of your eyes,

The rustling of your thighs,

Mouth curved cruelly,

Lurid lips leer,

Red raw sensuous,

Tongue song,

Heretical hymns,

A skewered dove,

Blood feathers;

Cattle cower,

Pulpit of the hour,

Unwrapping your deceit:

Give me your money!

Give me your flesh!

Give me your souls!





Human slug

Slimy grimy

Granite brain

Chipped and flinted

Whipped and minted

I hear sounds…

From their world…




My body is a headstone,

My bed the tomb,

A linen womb,

No rebirth,

No applause,

No sloe gin,

No slow win,

Slow breath,

Slow death.

Centrifugal roller coaster,

Squeezing out my thoughts,

Memories splatter into walls,

Volcanic rainbows erupting,

Invading, raiding, fading.

Ritual cleansing,

I will be a clean corpse,

Their ratchet smiles,

Their gritted furrows,

Their contrived compassion,

I can hear the unspoken words

Echoing in their minds…

Hurry up and die!

Judgement Day II

A maelstrom of chains,

Rattling, diving, flying,

They all have questions,

Flailing and failing.

Ships are torn apart,

Cities are crushed,

People are smashed,

Scarlet smudges,

Witness the deity.

Do you remember?

Dusky dead sun

Breathless sails

Hacked totems

Eating their tulip hearts

Do you remember?

Maudlin Messiah

Flimsy carcass

Counted out

Rotting in a puddle

Nibbled on by fish

Do you remember?


I choose to forget.


Tick, tock, tick tock,

Pocket watch snare,

Timely seduction,

A glance, a stare,

A smile, so rare,

Lizard lounger,

Purse scrounger,

I can weave stories

Into your hair and dreams,

Amidst the city of wilderness

I can be your lagoon,

Tether your hopes to me,

Slave to your happiness,

For a price,

I’m not cheap.

Cadence of operatic voices,

Enunciation of Elizabethan poetry,

Erotic pop of a champagne cork,

Fizzing bubbles jostle for attention,

An aphrodisiac’s palate,

Feed on me,

For a price.

Take a leap on me,

Buy into my glossy lie,

Caress my bare thigh,

Velvety lovers silky slink,

Slip flip glide slide,

Gasp gasp gasp

For our future.

I will love you forever,

My love is as great

As your bank balance.


Drummed up crescendo,

The clash of symbols,

It’s lively in the church,

Time for the unveiling,

It’s me!


I am grotesquely beautiful

I am beautifully grotesque

Translucent skin bulging

With rotting flesh

I slip and slide

I cackle and drool

My tongue falls out of my mouth

Writhing like a mental slug…

The good people of the parish,

Screaming, stampeding, vomiting.

I collar the priceless priest,

He waves his crucifix,

Fresh from a Xmas cracker,

I cough bile into his face,

His eyeballs fizz and explode,

I hush his imploring with a kiss,

A wet decomposing kiss,

I drain him in seconds,

Popping his soul like a balloon.

I was murdered by these people,

Accused of being a witch,

They spat on me,

Condemned and judged,

No one defended me,

I bobbed like an apple,

Fucked up village fĂȘte,

How they applauded,

My death for their sin.

I was virtuous,

I was Christian,


By virtuous Christians.

Drowning drowning

Sibilant serpent lisp:

Worship a better god!

I made a pact,

My soul for revenge,

I became their dirty sin,

I am their ugly hate revisited,

I am insatiable vengeance,

I am their Hell.


The search for perfection…





Flourish of a scalpel,

Oscillation of designer cells,

Tampering of nature.

Moons are collected in jars,

Embalmed in viscosity,

Idle idols dead-headed,

Fake plastic smiles,

Buy my brand!

[worship me]

Be happy!

[become me]

Bartered mortality.

Algorithms dissect our souls,

One slice per purchase,

We are ghosts fuelling the machine,

Awash with banality,

Crash pest dummies,

To be configured with a lament,

Legends are made or slayed.